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James F. Conroy
“A ship in the harbor is safe
But that is not what ships are for”

James was born in New York City and raised in Connecticut where he still resides. Mr. Conroy knows Little Joe through his parents, Joe and Sheelah Quinn, through yacht racing. With the urging of Little Joe’s mother, Sheelah, and concerned about some of the anti- Christian sentiments emanating during the Christmas Holidays, James went ahead with the story.

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Local author keeps Christmas spirit alive through children’s books

Little Joe's Christmas

by James F. Conroy

Based on a true story, Little Joe’s Christmas, by James F. Conroy, tells the heartwarming tale of a little boy’s faith and courage to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Faced with the cancellation of Christmas festivities at school, Little Joe asks his friend, the author, for help. Little Joe brings a special message, delivered through a Christmas card, from Santa Claus to his classroom. Through his belief in Santa and desire to save Christmas, Little Joe becomes a hero. Unaware of another development until the end, Little Joe helps his friend restore some faith in himself. With a positive message for every child, and a loveable conclusion for adults, Little Joe’s Christmas will reinvigorate the Christmas spirit in all of us.

Little Joe Meets Santa Claus

by James F. Conroy

Just as Little Joe became a hero for saving Christmas in the first book, Little Joe’s Christmas, he becomes a hero for the second time in this feel-good sequel, Little Joe Meets Santa Claus. Witnessing a bully teasing and harassing a smaller boy, Little Joe approaches to intervene, when his friend Coleen gets knocked down. While coming to the rescue, Little Joe stops the bullying, but accidentally steps on and breaks Coleen’s charm locket. Upon being informed of this by Elf 719, and watching the scene unfold in his special globe, Santa, who wants to stop bullying from happening in every school, instructs his elf to bring Little Joe to the North Pole for a meeting and a special award. Little Joe’s visit to the North Pole and his meeting with Santa will be everlasting memories for the boy, and readers of all ages will delight in this heartwarming story.

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