Little Joe Honors Santa’s Promise

In his third book, Little Joe Honors Santa’s Promise, of the Little Joe series, James Conroy encourages Little Joe to honor Santa’s promise to reinforce Santa’s ideal to abolish bullying from schools. In book two, Little Joe stops a bullying incident and is rewarded with a visit to the North Pole. In this book, Little Joe must honor and spread Santa’s message. When a new student named Emily is bullied on her first day of school after Thanksgiving, Little Joe thinks he must do something. After telling Ms. Morrissey about Emily’s bad first day, both LJ and Ms. Morrissey visit Elf 719 at his home to seek guidance. Both are surprised at who they meet inside Elf 719’s house. Elf 719 reminds Little Joe of Santa’s promise, and the special medallion Santa gave him to spread his message to stop bullying. Elf 719 tells little Joe what to do. Ms. Morrissey wonders about her feelings for the Elf and his feelings towards her. Does Little Joe have the courage to spread Santa’s message? Will Ms. Morrissey feel differently about Elf 719? Find out in this wonderful Christmas story.